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Breaking barriers to discovery starts with the right reagents and panels. BD has an expansive portfolio of dyes across multiple laser lines with a multitude of antibody conjugates for each dye-providing you with the choice and flexibility you need to go beyond.

Now your BD OptiBuild™ reagents will be delivered within three days of your order.

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Great selection of antibodies for panel design. Delivered within 24 hours.Dr Laura Pallett, UCL, UK
Additional colours possible due to the UV laser. Much faster delivery - within 2 days.Dr Anne Wilson, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Faster deliveries, good performance Enzifarma, Portugal
Very fast delivery, faster than usual. With fluorochromes included in BD OptiBuild, we can increase the markers used in the same panel. Dr Guillaume Harle, Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland

BD OptiBuild is expanding in the UV laser line. More than 400 new BD Horizon™ BUV reagents will be added to our catalogue in the coming weeks.

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BD Horizon Brilliant™ dyes

BD Horizon Brilliant™ dyes
These unique polymer dyes are typically brighter than conventional dyes—a breakthrough in this field. 


BD Horizon Brilliant™ Blue dyes

Optimally resolve dim populations with brighter options for the blue laser. BD Horizon Brilliant™ Blue 515 (BB515) is brighter than FITC, and BD Horizon Brilliant™ Blue 700 (BB700) is a brighter alternative to PerCP-Cy™5.5.

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Panel Design

The BD Horizon™ Guided Panel Solution (GPS) tool will help you streamline the panel design process and avoid reagent selections that may negatively affect population resolution.

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BD is helping you to become an expert in panel design and find the best solution for your experiment. Let's design your panel together.

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Learn how to design, analyze, sort, explore and discover with multicolor flow cytometry. Get access to presentations and on-demand webcasts from the BD Horizon™ Global Tour.

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