Expand your panel with Dri Chroma

BD Horizon™ Dri Chroma – The brilliance of a complete panel in a tube

A proprietary technology to dry down up to 16 reagents, including up to 5 BD Horizon™ Brilliant dyes, lowers human errors by reducing the need for manual pipetting. The result is greater workflow efficiency, optimisation, stability and flexibility in panel design. The dried down reagents show performance comparable to liquid reagents, as revealed by an experiment featuring two panels to identify regulatory Tcells (Tregs) .

BD Brilliant™ Ultraviolet 615 (BUV615) – Designed to provide flexibility in panel design

Features :

  • Excellent resolution of dim populations

  • Expanding multi-color options for 355 nm UV laser

  • Overall low impact on the resolution of most other fluorochromes

  • Available through the BD OptiBuild™ range

Evaluating the expression patterns of multiple inhibitory receptors associated with T-cell exhaustion using multicolor flow cytometry

Persistent antigen stimulation of T-cells, typically observed during chronic infections or in tumor microenvironments, results in the loss of antigen-specific CD8+ T-cell effector function. This phenomenon is referred to as T-cell exhaustion and is characterised by the progressive loss of function and proliferative capacity, eventually resulting in clonal elimination.

A typical feature of T-cell exhaustion is the increased expression of inhibitory receptors, which attenuate T-cell activation through a variety of processes. Studies on the two well known inhibitory receptors, CTLA-4 and PD-1, have shown that their inhibition reverses T-cell exhaustion, diminishes tumor growth and improves survival rates. However, the inhibition of these two receptors has been seen to be ineffective in many patients due to the immune system developing additional, non-redundant inhibitory mechanisms.


BD Horizon Brilliant™ dyes

BD Horizon Brilliant™ dyes
These unique polymer dyes are typically brighter than conventional dyes—a breakthrough in this field. 


BD Horizon Brilliant™ Blue dyes

Optimally resolve dim populations with brighter options for the blue laser. BD Horizon Brilliant™ Blue 515 (BB515) is brighter than FITC, and BD Horizon Brilliant™ Blue 700 (BB700) is a brighter alternative to PerCP-Cy™5.5.

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Panel Design

The BD Horizon™ Guided Panel Solution (GPS) tool will help you streamline the panel design process and avoid reagent selections that may negatively affect population resolution.

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The BD ‘Scientist to Scientist’ panel design educational series

Expert advice is important for good panel design.

Watch our series of ‘Scientist to Scientist’ videos
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