Find the Impossible Award Programme

Your chance to win access to incredible single-cell multiomics technologies!

How the award works

Single-cell multiomics - the ability to integrate multiple readouts from the cell and gain insights into causative variations that underlie functional cellular heterogeneity - was awarded ‘Method of the Year 2019’ by Nature Magazine.

The "Find the Impossible" Award Programme offers users the opportunity to be at the forefront of revolutionary research and will introduce participants to a comprehensive single-cell multiomics workflow from BD Biosciences, in conjunction with your existing BD cell sorters and analysers.

Supported by the loan of a BD Rhapsody™ System and subsidised reagents, this award provides a fast-track opportunity to generate preliminary data. This can be used either to enhance existing studies and/or to support funding applications to secure additional resources to complete a full study.

Through consultation and interactive discussions with the BD team, award winners will be guided with study set-up to ensure optimal results. Awardees will receive hands-on training from sample preparation, single-cell capture, sequencing library preparation and informatics utilising Seven Bridges and BD SeqGeq analytics software. Support will be available throughout your study.

Submissions should be provided to BD using the form below by the Friday March 26th 2021. Your application will be reviewed by the judging panel and you will be notified if you are successful by April 30th 2021.

About your application


This programme is intended to help researchers from a named institution to create “proof of principle” data sets, with some or all of the following support from BD:

  • 35% discount on reagents used in the initial experiments
  • Free placement of Rhapsody Express unit and/or Scanner for a period of time to be agreed (limited to a max of 90 days).
  • Training on system use and troubleshooting, as may be necessary.
  • Support for analysis pipeline, including support to access Seven Bridges and SeqGeq software training.
  • Agreed discount on instrument purchase after initial experiments.

The scientific merit of submissions will be assessed by BD, and any support from BD will be subject to terms and conditions to be agreed at the time. If you have any technical questions relating to experimental design or materials necessary to carry out your research, please contact [email protected].

Illustrative example

To show you how it works, we’ve provided an example of how you could build a study and the quantities of consumables you would need.

Please note, researchers will need to bear the cost of sequencing Rhapsody generated libraries. Guidance for sequencing reads required will be provided.

Ancillary Reagents

Prior to system installation and training, BD will ask you to confirm the availability of other ancillary laboratory reagents, consumables and equipment required to successfully run a Rhapsody assay.

You can see a full list by following this link.

Terms and Conditions

Read the full Terms and Conditions here.

Please be aware that this Award Programme is running in the UK and Ireland only.

You’ll need to agree to them before you submit your application.

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