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Committed to sustainable healthcare

The world of health never stands still. And for over a century, neither have we.

In a rapidly evolving world where healthcare and technology are converging, sustainable healthcare is no longer limited to the relevant societal and environmental challenges we are currently facing.
It means devising adaptable solutions that protect patients and caregivers, now and in the future.
It means advancing breakthrough discoveries in research that tackle healthcare’s biggest challenges and changes.
It means embracing resilience at every step of the care pathway to continue doing what we have always done best —providing the right care, at the right place, at the right time.
At BD, we are fully equipped to anticipate what’s next in sustainable healthcare.

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Personalised care and support along the patient journey

At every moment that counts, we will be there...
...from offering optimised tools and solutions that increase financial sustainability and efficiency across healthcare organisations, improving safety to protect patients and caregivers and expanding access to quality care, to providing healthcare professionals with personalised and timely support all along the patient journey.

Innovating for the future

At every moment that counts, we will be there...
...from continuously advancing our pipeline of products and improving the delivery of care through cutting edge technologies across the patient journey, to contributing towards more affordable and accessible healthcare systems.

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Caring for the environment

At every moment that counts, we will be there...
...from continuously evaluating the environmental impact of our products, to actively optimising our tools and solutions to better address relevant issues affecting society and the planet.

To learn more about the BD commitment to the environment, visit our sustainability page.

Experienced partner

At every moment that counts, we will be there...
...from continuously improving our solutions to better assess and optimise efficiency, reduce costs and increase patient outcomes, to instilling resilience and sustainability in the healthcare workplace so caregivers can focus on what matters most: providing the best care for their patients.

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WHO’s International Patient Safety Day

At every moment that counts, we will be there providing relentless and resilient support along the patient pathway.
We are in the clinic, facilitating quality sample collection.
We are in the diagnostic laboratory, promoting accurate, rapid testing.
We are in the pharmacy, automating medication prescription, compounding and dispensing processes.
And most of all, we are with the patient, guiding their journey to a positive care experience.
Because at BD, we believe in doing what it takes to advance sustainable healthcare, and on International Patient Safety Day, that means working to reduce medication errors.

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Voices of Safety

Every person, patient and healthcare professional has a story that is uniquely their own.
At BD, we see the value in these stories and the voices who tell them; we see that through their voices and experiences, the world of healthcare can change.
We partner with regional patient safety associations to empower individuals to share these stories in our joint fight for better patient care.
Listen to their stories below.


BD Signature Programmes™

As part of our commitment to sustainable healthcare, we have developed the BD Signature Programmes™ to help drive foundational healthcare objectives across our solutions.
These programmes will address specific unmet needs and pain points such as protecting patients and healthcare workers against safety hazards, helping address staff shortages and driving staff satisfaction, removing waste and inefficiencies across healthcare organisations to unlock their hidden capacity.

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Patient Safety

The Patient Safety Programme is designed to help prevent errors and adverse events to enhance patient safety, quality of care and care delivery.

We’re aiming to:

  • Help prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and support treatment management
  • Help diagnose sepsis and support treatment management
  • Help implement antimicrobial stewardship
  • Help prevent medication errors

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Healthcare Workers

The Healthcare Workers Programme is designed to help protect healthcare workers against safety hazards to help address staff shortages and drive staff satisfaction.

We’re aiming to:

  • Help address psychological, ergonomic, bloodborne pathogens, radiation and hazardous drugs hazards in the workplace
  • Help enable more time for patient care and added-value tasks through standardization and automation
  • Help build and promote a culture of healthcare worker safety through differentiated services

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The Efficiency Programme is designed to help healthcare institutions minimize waste and inefficiencies to unlock their hidden capacity and drive financial sustainability.

We’re aiming to:

  • Help identify waste and inefficiencies throughout the patient journey
  • Help standardise, automate processes within and between departments to minimise waste and help improve efficiency key performance indicators
  • Help build resilience to support the hospital’s future