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Have you ever felt overwhelmed with a difficult vein patient?

Venepuncture can be a stressful experience, for you and your patient alike. In fact, it is characterised as one of the most painful procedures performed in children.1 As a caregiver, the last thing you want to do is harm your patients, but blood collection forces you to confront that fear.

Patients with difficult venous access (DVA), such as geriatric or paediatric patients, make up as many as 56% of all blood collections.1 They require careful consideration of the appropriate collection device. For you as a caregiver, choosing the wrong device may lead to a higher chance of a needlestick injury, and poor design can make you stressed and anxious yourself.2

How many times have you needed multiple collection attempts to secure a quality specimen from a DVA patient, leaving you exhausted and your patient uncomfortable and potentially in pain? In fact, studies show it can take up to four minutes to find a vein.5

How can you support first-stick success and venepuncture safety for you and your patients?

Patients with haemolysed blood specimens spend about 1 hour longer in the emergency room, costing healthcare institutions an additional $4 million (€3.6 million) a year.6

Compared to typical patients, it is more challenging to obtain a quality blood specimen at the correct volume from patients with difficult venous access (DVA).

Improper collection practices could lead to poor specimen quality and erroneous results that may mean unnecessary treatment, complications of treatment, delays, incorrect diagnosis and additional diagnostic tests, all of which increase costs due to time loss and staff effort.7

Specimens also risk rejection, and studies show that haemolysis and insufficient volume rank among the major causes of specimen rejection.8 Not only is this costly for your institution, but your staff must waste time and resources repeating the entire collection process.7

How can you promote proper collection processes, especially with difficult vein patients, to reduce specimen rejections and boost quality?


Ease through blood collection with difficult vein patients

The BD Vacutainer® UltraTouch™ Push Button Blood Collection Set provides a faster blood collection experience and lower perceived pain without compromising diagnostic testing accuracy.1,9,13

Reduce pain

56% of paediatric patients reported feeling no pain1

Penetration force needed to insert needle is lower compared to a three-bevel cannula13

Access difficult veins

Down-gauge to a 25G BD UltraTouch™ to access small and fragile veins12

Nurses found the 25G BD UltraTouch™ easier to use than a standard safety blood collection set1

Improve safety

Reduce NSIs by up to 88% thanks to single-handed, in-vein activation14

Faster fill times without jeopardising quality

50% reduction of tube fill times with 23G BD UltraTouch™* and 42% with 25G14**

A possible 40% reduction in risk of haemolysis1

Reduce rates of underfilled tubes by 3%1***

Tired of multiple collection attempts?

See how BD Vacutainer® UltraTouch™ compares to conventional wingset needles...

Thin wall

Inner diameters of 23G standard wingsets are still smaller than 25G BD UltraTouch™ needles with ultra-thin walls.13

RightGauge™ Ultra-Thin Wall Technology

Creates a larger inner diameter while maintaining the cannula's gauge.14

3-bevel tip

Requires 50.6 grams of penetration force.14

5-bevel PentaPoint™ Comfort Tip

Decreases penetration force by 32% with only 34.5 grams of force.14

Non-safety needles

Results in higher costs due to higher rates of NSIs.15

In-vein retractable safety needle

Proven to reduce NSIs with single-handed, in-vein safety activation15

Handle difficult veins with ease.

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