Performance through Partnership

BD ADDvantage


Our value-based partnerships are a cornerstone of BD - the global medical technology company that is advancing the world of health™. We work with our customers to deliver bespoke end-to-end solutions across the patient care pathway. We offer more choice, greater access to technology and financial peace of mind. We enable better patient care through connected thinking, powerful partnerships, and a dedicated and specialist support team.

That's the BD ADDvantage.

Managed contract performance

The combination of robust contract governance and an experienced team of contract specialists will underpin the performance, transparency and delivery of our commitments to you.

Total support

Trusted partnerships rely on dedicated support. Our team offer a range of online or on-site service continuity capabilities, including 24/7 phone, email or face to face where appropriate.


We are committed to supporting you with any audits where possible such as CQC, HIMMS assessments or Laboratory accreditations, as well as installation and operational qualifications for key platforms.

Dedicated team

High performance partnerships are delivered through high performing and dedicated teams. With BD ADDvantage, you will have access to our experienced multidisciplinary team, whose aim is to support your goals and objectives.

Third party partnering

Our global footprint enables you to access partner alliances with seamless integration of complementary solutions. This helps you to reach beyond the BD portfolio to build a total solution whilst maintaining the advantages of dealing with one supplier.

Why consider a Managed Service

A Managed Service could benefit your Trust or care system in numerous ways. Some challenges you may currently be facing that can be solved by a Managed Service include:

  • Restricted Capital budgets/Financial concerns
  • New Build hospital/facility
  • Change Management
  • Embedded staff
  • Wanting to transfer Risk
  • Long term planning with replacement cycles
  • Beyond technologies i.e. support, workflow consulting, informatics, digital transformation etc
  • Large technology rollouts
  • ICS collaboration e.g. Asset pool managed services
  • Alternative/new procurement routes

How we can help

BD ADDvantage supports:

  • Measurable performance: Through a suite of services such as workflow optimisation and capacity-based modelling, we provide actionable recommendations and agree key measures relevant to your needs.
  • Improved staff experiences: From facilitating change management within your workforce to giving you access to new technologies and automation, the advantage to staff experiences and healthcare environments is clear.
  • Future-proofing and resilience: BD ADDvantage is focused in its commitment to offering solutions that are resilient, scalable and flexible so that the time and investments made now, will deliver for you in the future. BD can support your long-term planning, technology replacement cycles and roll-outs in line with your organisations strategy.
  • Timely and accurate diagnosis1-6: Supporting the reduction of diagnostic and medication errors, we help customers achieve the quality improvements they demand.

  • Predictable financial outcomes: We know balancing the cost of investment and delivering value for money is paramount. Our flexible financial models are designed to help you to accurately forecast and deliver to budget where capital may be restricted.
  • Impacting patient care pathway7-8: We believe that combining expertise through collaborative, high-performing industry partnerships can bring significant advantages. Using new technology introduction and process innovation with our flexible managed services approach, we share your commitment to impacting the patient care pathway.
  • Performance through partnership: We are passionate about the positive impact on patient health through high performance partnerships can have. With access to complementary specialisms across BD, our services, solutions and support can help you meet the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow.

BD - the global medical technology company that's advancing the world of health™

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We believe that technology cannot thrive in isolation. BD ADDvantage offers cutting edge technology, end to end support, flexible funding, the ability to turn data into information, and we believe in going beyond. To explore how the BD ADDvantage can help your care system, please fill in your details below. One of our team will be in touch to discuss your needs.

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