What if you could...

  • Release time to focus on clinical pharmacy activities?
  • Spend more time on taking care of patients and their relatives?
  • Empower your teams to improve process efficiency and sustainability?

Free up time to care

At BD, we have developed Connected Medication Management, a technology-driven approach to automate, streamline and digitalise all steps of the medication management process, from prescription to administration.

Through Connected Medication Management, BD applies its expertise to release time for patient care so nurses, pharmacists and all trained personnel can perform at their best.​

With Connected Medication Management

  • Improve inventory management and medication traceability, from pharmacy to patient administration
  • Enhance medication safety across the entire care continuum
  • Help healthcare professionals make informed decisions based on insights & analytics

Connected Medication Management is a journey.

Everyone has a key role to drive this transformation


How does Connected Medication Management reduce risk of errors, unavailability of medications and uncertainty?



How does Connected Medication Management reduce the risk of medication errors so you have time to focus on patient care?


Hospital Executive

How can Connected Medication Management reduce workflow inefficiencies within your hospital and limit uncertainty?


Today, innovative information and inventory systems are not fully exploited

How can we fully leverage innovation?

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The report is based on a large pan-European survey of hospital pharmacists conducted at the request of the European Collaborative Action on Medication Errors and Traceability (ECAMET).

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