Welcome to the BD Barricor™ Scientific Forum! It all started in April 2018 at the BD Innovation and Engagement Center in Eysins, Switzerland. Twenty-four laboratory professionals shared their knowledge of BD Barricor™ and showed this tube’s impact on laboratories and patients.

Watch laboratorians describe their "BD Barricor™ User Experiences" and find out how to switch from serum to plasma in the "Converting to Plasma & BD Barricor™" videos!

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BD Barricor™ is an innovative technology that provides greater confidence in the accuracy of laboratory results across a broad range of analytes enabling clinicians to act on reliable and credible results to deliver cutting-edge care and service.

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BD Barricor™ user experiences

Thanks to its versatility, the BD Vacutainer® Barricor™ blood collection tube has a positive impact on several aspects of biochemistry. During this first session, our panel of experts has focused on the different uses of BD Barricor™ to improve laboratory processes: from sample stability to plasma quality, from efficiency to sensitive assays.

BD Vacutainer® Barricor™ Unveiling the True Possibilities of Plasma

S. Church, BD, Winnersh (United Kingdom) – 25’52’’

Improved Sample Stability with BD Barricor™

Dr. C. Fleming, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – 21’41’’

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Separator gels barriers, mechanical technology or standard blood collection tubes? The right blood collection tube for the right drug during therapeutic drug monitoring and toxicology screening procedures

Dr. F. Lamoureux, UTH Rouen, Rouen (France) – 14’30’’

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Achieving the best plasma sample quality

Dr. A. Padoan, University of Padova, Padova (Italy) – 18’11’’

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Converting to plasma & BD Barricor™

Laboratory medicine has used serum as a sample of choice for decades. Transitioning to plasma has several advantages. However, it is sometimes perceived as a difficult barrier to overcome. BD Vacutainer® Barricor™ facilitates this transition thanks to its unique set of features. This session focuses on transitioning to plasma samples and the impact that BD Barricor™ has on this switch.

Advantages of Plasma: Challenging the myths around the use of plasma in laboratory testing

Dr. K. Schlueter, BD, Heidelberg (Germany) – 18’57’’

Converting to Plasma Without Tears

Dr. C. Ramakers, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – 26’38’’

Building a BD Vacutainer® Barricor™ Business Case

Dr S. Coward, Belfast University Hospital, Belfast (United Kingdom) – 23’13’’

Attractive specifications of BD Barricor plasma blood collection tube for a biochemistry laboratory in a French University Hospital

Dr I. Benz de Bretagne, CHU Tours, Tours (France) – 12’59’’

Discover the Converting to plasma & BD Barricor™ round table!

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