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At BD, just like you, we believe there should be no compromises when it comes to health. Our Patient Safety Program highlights the release of the latest evidence-based European Guidelines for reducing CAUTI.

CAUTI costs

1 in 15
patients entering a European hospital acquire an HAI1

CAUTI costs

patients die as a direct consequance of an HAI in the EU each year.2

10 %

of all HAI
are CAUTI.3


reduction in CAUTI with the use preconnected foley catherization kit.4

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CAUTIs Prevention Guidelines

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Patient Safety

Currently, 1 in 15 patients acquires a HAI during their stay in a European hospital1. From defining patient safety, to the challenges in healthcare delivery that can confound it, gain insights into the clinical and financial impacts of healthcare associated infections.

Our four pillars of Patient Safety
Discover how you can drive best practice in CAUTI prevention by promoting patient safety, tackling HAIs, targeting CAUTI.

Register to access the e-library of CAUTI prevention resources and insights from experts in patient safety and CAUTI reduction.

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