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Diagnostic stewardship across the care continuum

At BD, this is our vision for diagnostic stewardship:

A full systems approach, from patient identification to results reporting. Every step of the diagnostic pathway harmonised to provide reliable results, reduce costs, strengthen process efficiency and instill safety.

One diagnostic test can save a life. And behind a diagnostic test, there are laboratories, hospitals, clinics, patients and families, all with a common interest in ensuring safety, accuracy and timeliness.

It is our mission to unify every team across the diagnostic pathway and drive diagnostic excellence across the entire care continuum, so that every diagnostic test can make a difference.

Our solutions

At BD, we provide integrated solutions of products and services that comprehensively support healthcare providers across care areas.

A few areas where we partner with customers to optimise patient care through diagnostics stewardship, from specimen collection to results reporting include:


BD Integrated Specimen Management Solution

To improve diagnostic stewardship along your specimen pathway by delivering safe, easy and digitalised sample collection and storage. With this solution, you can help ensure sample traceability, impacting patient outcomes, safety and efficiency.


BD Respiratory Infection Solution

To support your fight against COVID-19, Influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) from collection to results and in different care settings to help provide accurate, timely results to adhere to local recommendations.


BD Bloodstream Infection (BSI) Solution

To drive diagnostic stewardship along your entire diagnostic pathway, optimising specimen collection and driving actionable, accurate and timely results to adhere to your institutional policies and help improve clinical outcomes and patient care.


BD Integrated Microbiology Solution

To help improve patient outcomes and diagnostic stewardship, from specimen collection to results, by delivering sample integrity, efficiency, performance, reliability and accuracy in the microbiology lab.


BD Tuberculosis (TB) Solution

To drive diagnostic stewardship along your entire specimen pathway with safe collection and molecular screening to support actionable, accurate and timely results, adhere to institutional policies and help improve clinical outcomes and patient care.


BD Cervical Cancer Screening

To help optimise patient pathway management in cytology and HPV screening from collection to result. This solution includes extended genotyping and increased disease detection to help ensure the delivery of trusted, actionable results.

Come and visit us! We will be attending at:
  • BSMT, 2nd May 2024 - Colindale
  • WMA, 10th/11th May 2024 - Cardiff
  • Blood Collection Symposium, 15th May 2024 - Winnersh
  • Blood Collection Symposium, 16th May 2024 - Manchester
  • SMA, 24th/25th May 2024 - Glasgow
  • LabMedUK, 10th/11th June 2024 - Brighton
  • Infection Diagnostics Symposium, 26th/27th June 2024 - Birmingham
  • Microbe, 20th-22nd September 2024 - Sheffield

**more events to be added in near future

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